Following the trail of legendary military commanders and heroes of the Great War – guided stroll through the New Cemetery

One of the most visited tours within this year's cycle of guided tours through the precious cultural, historical and artistic treasure chest of the New Cemetery entitled: „Following the trail of WWI legendary military commanders and heroes buried at the New Cemetery in Belgrade", was organized on November 4, 2018. Our dear guests who did not let us down, so the turnout was more than significant. The visitors had a chance to hear emotional stories on the legendary military commanders and heroes of the Great War, to learn about their personal life and remember their selfless heroic acts. 

In the course of this pleasant Sunday walk, devoted to the heroes of the Great War, the visitors were able to see the last resting places of legendary military commanders, heroes and heroines: Field Marshal  Živojin Mišić, Field Marshal Radomir Putnik, Field Marshal Petar Bojović,  Major  Vojislav Tankosić, General Pavle Jurišić Šturm, heroines Milunka Savić and Antonija Javornik and many others. Moreover, our gusts were able to see the WWI Russian Ossuary and the Memorial Ossuary of Belgrade Defender (1914-1918), where they were able to visit the crypt.

Among numerous interesting characters, laid to rest at this monumental cemetery, we've chosen the story charismatic Serbian Royal Army Major and political activist Vojislav Voja Tankosić:  

Serbian Royal Army Major, Chetnik's Duke and national activist, Vojislаv Vojа Tаnkosić, completed six grades of the Second Boys' Grammar School in Belgrade, followed by the Military Academy and the Military Academy School of Applied Military Sciences. He took part in the plot against the King Alexander Obrenović and May Coup in Serbia of 1903. Subsequent to outbreak of the WW I, together with the Duke Jovan Babunski, Vojislаv Tаnskosić was in command of the Volunteer Corps in Belgrade and took part in the defense of the Capital. As commander of the Rudnik Volunteer Squad, he fought at Drina, in Loznica, Krupanj and  Mаčkov Kаmen. He died on November 2, 1915 in Trstenik as a consequence of the wounds sustained at  Igrište near Veliki Popović. His soldiers took his body and secretly buried it at the Trstenik Cemetery. However, the Austro-Hungarians managed to find the his grave, exhume the body and photograph it in order to persuade the general public that he is dead after all. In addition to the photos of the grave and the body, they had published the notification entitled: „This is the end of Voja Tаnkosić". In 1923, the remains of Vojislav Tankosić were transported to Serbia by his mother Milja, with a support by the Chetniks' Movement and buried at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.